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02 October 2019

I Must Be the Bug

"Some days you're the bug, some days the windshield."  I think I've been a bug lately.

September was full of craziness starting with a doctor appointment that was a follow-up to the February appointment. He'd wanted me to start using something to decrease my blood sugar numbers and a bit of cholesterol that was creeping up. And the dreaded 'you need to lose weight' was said out loud. I asked him to let me try with diet alone. I started keeping tabs and wrote down everything I ate. I dropped ice cream and potato chips, gave up my favorite margarine. Something should have improved, right? My weight actually went up! E-gads! I'm screwed! But at least my Vitamin D went up nicely. I think I was so stressed about it that things just went south like no tomorrow. So of course on my follow-up I have to agree to try the meds.

I took 3 pills and got very serious stomach cramps that took at least a week to get semi back on track after I took the last one. I'd planned to let everything settle down before trying again just to make sure it wasn't an IBS coincidence. But I needed to have a fairly calm week to test again and September was full of things I had to tend to and couldn't be laying in bed feeling like crapola.

To top everything off poor Mom started feeling a pain in her side and ended up in the hospital for eight days with an infected gallbladder. She's now the owner of a protruding drain tube for a few more weeks before they decide she's well enough to have the offending organ removed for good. Our family has been helping her to get around and taking care of whatever she needs.

With a stroke of good timing, my daughter and her husband already had plane tickets to visit and were able to spend the weekend with Mom which did much to cheer her up.

Meanwhile the quarterly newsletter was due out so I had to tie up a few last details, gather pictures of the church's recent anniversary picnic and a few other events from recent months, get info for upcoming events which is our busiest time of year with holidays and all. But I got it all done. Unfortunately I couldn't get the newsletters published because the copier had run out of toner and no one had reordered. But it's all good now. I got that ordered and everything should be out Sunday.

Meanwhile I've been updating the new church directory and after receiving the 66 photos have been cropping and editing those so hopefully that will be published soon too.

See, I haven't had time to take any meds that would knock me down!

We're in October now. Hubster's birthday is coming as well as our anniversary! I wonder if we'll get time to just run away for a bit? Every anniversary is such a milestone, but even more so since I almost lost Hubster to a Widow Maker heart attack a few years ago!

The bright spot of my days is usually the early morning and today started off stunningly. I love watching how the sun travels across the sky with the seasons! So life is good after all the drama. I am too blessed for words!