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25 October 2019


It has been a whirlwind of activity for the last couple of weeks. In the family Danny had a birthday, which we still haven't had time to celebrate. Mom is still walking around with a drain in her side, which hopefully will be over and done with in a few weeks. I've been helping her as has everyone, but especially when it comes to show details. Now this week Danny's dad is moving again, downsizing to basically a 2-room apartment in a Senior center. There is always something these days!

The biggest thing we've done has definitely been our October 11-12 yard sale. It was a perfect weekend weather-wise and we did the best sales ever. Unfortunately I was hurting so much by the time each day ended I could hardly wait to see my chiropractor! She sure had her work cut out for her!

It was so exciting to see so much stuff leave. Most of those things have been stockpiled in our garage for years. Our last sale was in 2012. We'd planned to have another one in 2014, but right before it happened Danny had his major heart attack. Everything has been sitting there ever since.

One of the best things to go was my huge 3-station Wilson exercise equipment. After I'd had so many surgeries every time I'd try to use it I  hurt something else. A nice lady bought it for her 17 year old son and we are delighted to know it will get some use!

<< I still have a smaller fold-able bench with weights, priced to go, in case anyone is interested!

I think we did really well because I had added a lot of new items from my thrift store in preparation of closing my online store for good after selling since 2006. These days it's not so thrifty to sell online with the higher shipping costs and fees so it was past time to stop. I still have my Cabana Threads store, selling new and used Hawaiian shirts. They are a whole lot easier to store in a closet than lots of boxed items!.

So now I can concentrate on doing my church work, crocheting hats and blankets, and reading crazy romance novels. It's kind of nice to know that I could now actually do some of that in my clean garage if I wanted to!