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23 January 2020

Why We Need Junk Drawers

It's for the little things in life, right? We all have little things. I was trying to go through a "junk" drawer the other day. (I have about six). Every time I think I could throw something away something weird would happen and I'd have a vision of that awful someday when I'd need the item and wish I'd kept it instead of tossing it. It never quit occurs to me that, should the need arise, I would just go buy another. What a waste of time and money, I think, to have already had it and canned it and had to spend good money on another. So I put said object back into the junk drawer, just in case.

Some of my items would be shoe strings (in case you break one and need a replacement), tons of short candles (because the multitudes of flashlights in another junk drawer would never work as well as tiny flickering fire), old Glade plug-ins (no, the original ones that came over on Noah's ark; the ones I'll never use because I'm afraid they'll set the house on fire), assortments of orphaned screws, bolts and nuts, which go right along with the picture hangers that never get used (you really just never know about these). Of course there's a hank of rope, a bundle of bread ties, a dried up roll of tape, and your grandmother's old furniture feet cushions (those small cupped hockey puck-like discs you put under the antique couch to keep it from denting the floor).

The list goes on and on. I don't know why I don't move more unusable needless items out of my viable life. Maybe there's comfort just knowing you've stocked piled so much crapola away for any number of some days. Maybe it's so you can play Where's Waldo when you need that one and only whatzit.