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18 March 2020

My Home is My World

It's ridiculous how long it's been since my last post. In my defense it's been quite chaotic. I left January with the beginnings of the "cough from Hell" that is finally now reaching its end of life. Ironic, since we now have the virus all over the world so I'll have to be extra careful for the next month or two. I did see my doc and know for a fact what I have/had wasn't the dreaded plague. Now, like the rest of the world, we are holed up at home. I'm getting a lot of reading and crocheting done while I watch movies to take a break from watching the endless world crisis updates. I love making brick stitch shawls for the nursing home residents. The Crochet Club recently sent a lot of lap blankets and shawls to a lady who uses them for bingo prizes. Unfortunately the home is in lock down now and won't be getting any for a while.

My birthday was in early February. Since I was sick celebrating was a bust. No dinner out, no cake, nothing but coughing and lying about in bed. I still went to church but was able to stay clear of everyone because I sit on the front row with no one was 'in front' of me. One Sunday I had to leave the sanctuary early during the sermon. I hated walking across the room in front of everyone but it couldn't be helped. The more I tried to contain my cough the more my eyes watered in a losing battle. I went to the furthermost point from everyone, drank water and waited for church to let out. I guess by the time we have church again I'll be over all this!

Yes, we shut down church last Sunday and will for some time to come. It's a bummer because Easter is coming and we won't have the Easter Egg hunt for the little kids and everything else is cancelled.

We just finished getting new floors and carpet put in. Yesterday I got my keyboard and the TV stand put into the living room. My office is now my kitchen table until we can get a few fellows to help move some furniture from the garage back to the house. We had cleared out the house a couple of weeks early and then the floor guy was delayed coming so we've been living in close quarters for some time now. We're getting lots of cleaning and fine-tuning the downsizing. I've gotten rid of dead things like potpourri and dried and artificial floral arrangements (after reading that they pull energy down and I need all I can get).

This was totally the wrong time to get new floors and needing to buy a new sofa, what with the virus worries. We can't go shopping so it may be some time before we get the living room fixed up!

The other day it was so nice outside! We both went to sit in the sunshine for a few minutes. I took a book and Danny watched the dogs sniff out worms (go figure). After feeling something on my ankle a few times and mindlessly scratching I suddenly remembered that I'd developed an allergic type response to mosquito bites about a year or so ago. Alas, I quickly hauled myself inside but not before I had 7 bites to contend with this week. It sucks so much - the more I scratch the longer it lasts so it's really hard to keep myself contained when they itch so bad. Even worse is that the only thing I've ever found that gives any relief at all is 72% hand sanitizer. Of course every store in the country is out these days, but luckily I had still had some left from last time I had bites and resulting itches.

I can almost see daylight again. Hopefully my cough and bites will be healed soon. Hopefully the coronavirus will be done soon (if everyone does what they're s'posed to). I can't wait for summer to get here. I know it's going to be hot and fabulous!