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13 May 2020

Stop, Look, and Listen

It would seem that I'm fairly consistent at being late posting, but eventually I get around to it. This month is sweeping by, feeling swift some days and dragging the next. Winter seems to be clinging on. We're sleep under a quilt one night & have the windows open the next. It's crazy. My chrysanthemum is confused and is blooming now instead of waiting until Fall.

We've enjoyed a lovely birds' nest in the bush outside my office window. We found it when we were thinking about pruning the shrub back after having a snake in it a  few weeks ago. So pruning was delayed until the babies left
Then from very tiny to very large we had two sandhill cranes drop in just across the ditch, where they meandered their way across a field eating seeds. It was amazing to see them here!

Just today I found another nest inside one of our large cedar trees. The nest is very low to the ground. I saw a wren not far away. We've seen wrens going inside the greenhouse where they have started a nest in a flower pot and another nest started in the large pot laying on its side that has cactus in it. That nest is very secure, I'm sure!

I've already mentioned before about the crazy bluebird we've had this year, pecking at his reflection in the house windows and on the vehicles (leaving his "calling card" to boot). We had a reprieve while he feed the bluebird babies but yesterday he has started up again. I've also enjoyed seeing the yellow finches, chickadees, Phoebes, flycatchers, pileated and downy woodpeckers, thrushes, mockingbirds (which I do not hate), sparrows, wrens, cardinals and I truly believe I saw a Western Tanager. At first I thought it was a Cardinal because of the red head but quickly realized it wasn't red all over. This bird was yellow underneath with dark wings and back. I've poured over my books and brother google and that's all I can come up with. We kind of think some of the storms that came through not long ago pushed some bird off course! And, since it's still been cold at night we can still hear the owls sometimes deep in the woods.

We usually watch an old movie while we eat lunch and take an extended break mid-day. Black and white from back in the day. Today I watched "Speak Easily" 1939,  with Buster Keaton and Jimmy Durante. That was really good!

After eating I start crocheting while watching TV. I just started making blocks for a blanket using olive green. I had to leave the yarn out for a week. I'm not a fan of olive, but I think I've come up with a fresh look for it.

I thought I'd try Curiosity Stream since it was on sale and I love it. A lot of documentary type programs but such a variety! The first I watched was about a Camel Library in Kenya. My heart went out to the children deep in the middle of nowhere and their love of the used books shared with them. These guys (librarians) walk four days journey to supply 20 schools. Often the kids can't keep the books, because books have to be shared with other schools. A young girl held her first book in her life! It made me want to pack up all the old books I'd saved and send them over. It was good program! Do look it up!

Church is going well, with live feed videos streaming to Facebook on Sunday mornings. Each week things are tweaked and the sound is much better now than when we started. We had another drive-in service on Mother's Day that went well. When we have drive-ins I get to sing with my group. We all missing singing so much. I'm really fortunate to go to church each week because I'm involved in the playing keyboard. There's usually only four of us there those days. We have a really tight-knit family atmosphere at church and I know everyone is missing each other a lot.

One of these days things will change. Mostly things are the same for us. We're working around the house and yard. I don't go to the chiropractor, but so far, so good. We miss eating out and thrift stores, but that's been a good thing I guess since we don't have as much crapola coming into the house now. I kind of like that! Danny's working on the RV that's been sitting here since we bought it. We'll sell it soon. Too bad, in a way, because it's really nice.

His dad is doing better now after they got his meds straightened out again. Some crazy doctor took him off all his diabetic medicine and almost killed him. The home he lives in has had their first covid case, but the employee works in the memory unit and never comes in contact with Dad's section. That's good to know. We talk with him every couple of days and at 97 he's still on the computer keeping busy.

Well, guess I'll get back to everyday life, like the rest of the world! Enjoy every moment while you can and thank God for the opportunities He's given you to stop and smell the roses!