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28 June 2020

Same Old Days

Life is on repeat now. Even though some aspects of societal living has been reopened we're still putting around like usual. We've done a few extra take-out meals and Danny walks into a grocery store occasionally with his new fashion accessory. I hate the masks. I'd rather stay home than wear one, but next week I have a medical test to do so I guess I'll have to deal with it. Ugh!

Drive-in church services have become normal now. It's actually kind of festive and fun. As the days grow hotter I think we'll see a drop in attendees even if we start earlier than 10am. If we social distance in our building we can only get about 30 people in the sanctuary and using satellite rooms defeats the purpose of everyone getting together so we decided to just wait. We're a family and families like to see each other! I  do look forward to singing with my group each week and enjoy playing the piano sometimes at church (mostly at home).

At home our routine is the same: get up, eat, work on genealogy, have lunch, watch a vintage movie, play a game, eat and go back to bed. The grass gets cut sometime during the week. I crochet to break up the monotony.

We've made a couple of hit and run during the cool of the day, where we go outside and do a quick project. One day last week we cleaned a flower bed, another time we pruned a couple of small bushes after they finished blooming. I don't know why people like hot weather... it's just too hot to enjoy. Give me balmy 70°s please!

Crochet Blocks
I'm in the process of psyching myself up to start another blanket right now. I have a box of blocks to choose from that I got from the granddaughter of a skilled lady who never finished her projects. It's just a matter of deciding which one to tackle first. I truly wish I had her skills!

I'm making changes to my eBay store. Sales have slacked off somewhat so I'm contemplating a downgrade in my store subscription. Why pay too much money for something that's not being helpful?  But the  overhead for that virtual rental space is killing my small profits now. For the most part the store is self-sufficient; I don't have to do any more than I want to in order to keep it maintained. Unsold items relist automatically each month. It's pretty much just waiting for the right buyer to come along. Sales are picking up, and people do like those comfortable Hawaiian shirts to wear. With the restlessness of having stayed at home for so long I think a few trips to the beach, the boat, the bar are in order for a lot of people now!

I'll still be sitting on the back deck though!