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20 July 2020

Another Month Of Lock Down

We're not adventurers. We don't go far from home these days. We think that if everyone would just take one for the team, wear masks and social distance it wouldn't take long to conquer the Covid beast. But no, everyone thinks they are more special than the next person, more privileged, and many just really don't give a damn. They want to do what they want when they want, how they want. So I think we're seemingly stuck on this perpetual lock down status. Staying home is pretty much what other countries did and it fairly worked for them. They stayed in, quit whining and did what needed to be done, even if it meant that the government had to make sure they stayed put.

We have never really had a time when Everyone did what they were s'posed to. In the beginning, when most folks were trying their hardest you had Mardi Gra people flipping out and spring breakers flaunting their youth on southern sands. Afterwards, everyone went home and spread the love and the virus around the country.

Next were those whining protesters flaunting their ability to do what they wanted. "No, we have a right to congregate on the lawn of the federal buildings and complain that our businesses are tanking." If they'd just done what needed to be done and Everyone stayed in a while longer The Crisis would have been over and done with by now. No one was even going to face eviction from their apartments yet now that window of necessity has gone into over time. Businesses would have soon bounced back permanently instead of the yo-yo opening/closing we now see.

But there are those people who are doing what is right. howbeit, probably out of fear of catching anything deadly. They are staying close to home, ordering groceries online, watching movies, playing games with the kids, watching their gardens to grow. They call to check on each other. They message, text, or video chat. They make brownies and watch their weight go up ever so slightly. They have long quit watching the news other than keeping an eye on the weather. The thermostat is outrageously high these days.

We all look forward to cooler weather, for Autumn's golden colors, and seeing the falling leaves again. Anything to change up this perpetual oneness. Time has seemingly stood still. All our days run together and look alike.

The mantra that we are all in this together isn't quite right. Some people are, some aren't. But one thing that is Right is that, even in these harsh times God is still on the throne and is still in control of one and all. Whether you believe this or not makes no difference... He's still there.