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27 July 2020

My One Big Chance

I really had wanted to see the Neowise comet. I read which direction to look. I knew it was supposed to be close to the Big Dipper. The problem is that I have extremely tall trees in that direction. Plus going outside in the mosquitoes is not an option since I now have this hideous reaction to the tiniest bite and will itch like crazy for a week. Nope, not going out to feed the critters.

I would have loved to be able to stand outside and look up at the sky but my neck doesn't work like it's supposed to either. It just won't go high enough to see overhead and if I try too long my arm goes numb. Can't lean back either since my back surgery. Gosh, it sucks!

So that left the car. Get into the car and drive to an open spot to browse up to the heavens. It seemed like a great idea to maybe accomplish my goal.

So I finally get Him to get out of bed after days of mentioning it and it's between 9 and 10 o'clock at night. It takes forever for it to get dark outdoors in the summer, don't you think?

Now before you get crazy and mention it was available in the wee hours of the morning too, I can't tell you how many times I'd get up each night and wend my way in the dark to the front of the house. I did get a great view of those 5 planets that are supposed to be visible now. And they were awesome. They just weren't the comet that I'd set my heart on seeing.

So back to the car. I'm in my pj's and bathrobe and have binoculars in case that will bring me luck. We have nothing else between us if we needed ID. Didn't even lock the house. Just quickly hauled out of there before any skeeters found us.

Where to go... hmmm.... let's go sit in the parking lot at church and take a look. He drives in slow motion like he's got both feet in one hole. To be less than a mile, I though we'd never get there. I say to try the 2nd lot further away from the lights at the fire station and pull to the front corner by the road. So what does he do? He swings her wide like he's driving a semi and turns all the motion detector lights on. 

Great. I'm a little peeved, a little sad. Time's a-wasting! Start looking!

So we sit there like two hoot owls on steroids, cranking our necks in every which way we could to see a glimpse of something shiny or fuzzy or bright or streaking.

I have a new big problem. It's cloudy tonight. I mean really cloudy. There aren't more than a handful of stars out there staring back at us. Oh the horrible luck. Why didn't I think of this before we left the house? Crap.

We drove up the road a piece to another wider, more open space to better our possibilities. But it's a no go. Reluctantly, ever so sadly I tell Him to head back home. When we turn in our drive way I request that we stop near the road for one last chance to look for the comet over the tops of our big trees. Of course there's nothing  there so I try to look straight up to the top of the big windshield, practically getting in the floor to swivel my neck back enough to see. I had to quit... I thought if I keep this up I'll end up paralyzing myself from the neck down.

No. The party is really over. I will say He was very patient, getting out of bed to accommodate my whim, waiting silently for me to realize what he already knew. That it was a waste of time. Oh well, there's always next time.

No wait! That'll be 7,000 years from now. Guess I'm done for sure! There's always the pictures on the internet.