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09 September 2020

Another Special Weekend

We just had another lovely weekend, made even more special because my out-of-state daughter came to see us over the holiday. She was just too homesick to stay away any longer. Alas, her husband could not come with her because school just started again so she had to make the drive alone on the long trip. I say alone, but she really wasn't because I "rode" with her most of the way. It was a lot of fun. We chatted on the phone while I tracked her progress on Google maps. On her way back I also used the travel maps and watched for her to go by on the traffic cameras. I saw her many times too! We both felt like we extended her visit by an extra two days by doing this co-pilot method of ours.

While she was here her sister came over on Friday. I always love with both my girls are home so much. They have become such wonderful women and I am so proud of them! My brother and sister-in-law came over too and we all enjoyed our favorite Hibachi takeout meal together.

The following days she was able to spend time with Aunt and Uncle on the kayaks browsing the peaceful waters of the creeks around our house. The weather cooperated for the first time in a long time and was simply beautiful. While sheltering in place we spent some good times on the back deck listening to the birds and watching our two female hummingbirds duke it out over the feeders.

We played some of our favorite hidden object computer games and ate Danny's awesome ribs he made for us (so good)! We also had some good wine and cheese party moments while watching YouTube (we like picking and combining some random topics and see what shows up). It gets crazy sometimes and we have a lot of laughs!

Family time is so special these days. We're still grieving our mother's passing in December and I love to see that our small family is drawing even closer through our shared experiences. There's only nine of us now. I know if we can make it through the hard times that makes these good times so much more a blessing from God. I also know everyone thinks their family is the most dysfunctional one in history, but at the end of the day (and the weekend) we know that family is the most important thing God ever gives and He never makes mistakes!